Why Point Sigma?

Let your data speak for itself

Your organisation has all this data, yet it is hard to get the insights you need.
Point Sigma discovers insights and answers in your data, so that you can easily understand your customers, operations, the market or any other data you have.

Turn Insights Into Action

Find out how to discover insights, risks and opportunities that drive value



Valuable answers no longer need to wait for someone to ask the question. ⊙-Σ uses Artificial Curiosity, a new type of AI, to find patterns that interest you.



Use powerful text search to create graphs that show the insights you need. ⊙-Σ automatically detects connections across data in multiple systems, databases and even spreadsheets.



Security, personal data protection and data governance are at the heart of our design. ⊙-Σ is built on robust cloud technologies that scale with your needs.

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Automated Insights For Everyone

All data-driven insights created for you in one place

Business User

For Business Users

Waiting days for your data experts to find the answers you need from your data? Or tweak a dashboard? ⊙-Σ shows the graphs you ask for in seconds - plus insights you never thought to ask for.


For Analysts

We know you spend a lot of time solving hard data problems before you get to answering business needs. ⊙-Σ understands your data structure, so you can produce better results faster.


For Programmers

Use or integrate our powerful analytics toolbox and Artificial Curiosity engine through our APIs.

Business Owner

For Owners

Many businesses have the relevant data, but lack the time to make sense of it. Just connect your disorganized data, and let ⊙-Σ turn it into relevant insights.

For Me!

What Our Customers Say

Hase und Igel

“We are surprised at how creative – in a most positive sense – its Artificial Curiosity can be in discovering hidden connections in data.”

Jan Schoenmakers
Managing Partner


⊙-Σ helps bring Doorda's big datasets to life in Salesforce with compelling graphs and dashboards. The platform allows non-technical users to find insights relevant to them through intuitive exploratory analysis.”

Colin Magee
Chief Commercial Officer


“We simply uploaded our data, and in a few minutes the platform came up with a number of key insights. It's a great way to identify new things we have not thought of.”

Mate Kun

Our Technology

⊙-Σ sparks curiosity in Artificial Intelligence

⊙-Σ uses Artificial Curiosity to discover insights in your data autonomously. Artificial Curiosity is new type, or rather, the next stage of Artificial Intelligence which recently emerged from computer science research.


⊙-Σ's Artificial Curiosity keeps looking for interesting patterns that help you understand and improve your organisation. ⊙-Σ automatically turns complex data into intuitive graphs and dashboards.

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About Us

We are a group of experienced startup builders backed by tech entrepreneurs.

While the data revolution is in full swing, the insights revolution we expected is yet to follow. Our mission is to bring automated insights to any organisation that has data.


Sebastiaan Verstraelen

Chief Technology
Accomplished software architect and engineer, delivers ⊙-Σ's complex machinery LinkedIn


Leo Pape

Chief Executive
Computer and robotics scientist who helped build Europe's most iconic data-driven startups LinkedIn


Alun Hunt

Head of Marketing
Experienced technology marketeer delivering powerful global B2B marketing programs LinkedIn

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